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  1. Every year on my birthday, I create a Spotify playlist that only has 365 songs on it.

  2. I always try something new from Starbucks!

  3. I absolutely despise the smell of bananas.

  4. My favorite font is Helvetica.

  5. I have self-taught myself calligraphy

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You can always find her tweeting about the world, taking photos on her VSCO, and cooking at odd hours of the night with concoctions (usually eggs) of whatever she can find in her fridge!

Shaina Zafar is an 18-year-old rising sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in International Relations with a minor in Computer Science. She is passionate about Asian American issues, gender equality, and emotional intelligence, highlighting the intersectionality of the way the world works.


While in high school, she founded Code for a Cause. This was a program that allowed young girls that were typically underrepresented in the fields of STEM and political science, the ability to learn about both areas in an interdisciplinary manner. Partnering with Girl Scouts and Microsoft, participants in the program used MIT Scratch to create games and presentations about the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. 


As a first-generation, low-income college student, Shaina serves on the board for Penn’s Muslim Students Association, Penn Association for Gender Equity, and Asian Pacific American Heritage Week. As a lover of global affairs, she’s also a member of Intercol, Penn's collegiate Model UN team. 


Being cognizant of her voice and the power of Generation Z, she is the Chief of Staff at JÜV Consulting. She manages the company's administrative tasks, conducts outreach, and supervises the company's consultancy teams.


Shaina has been recognized as a Coca-Cola Scholar and Ronald McDonald Scholar. She was the youngest speaker at the United Nations and World Bank for the International Young Leaders Assembly and received the President's Volunteer Service Award. She has been a part of the Bank of America Student Leaders Program, AOL's #BUILTBYGIRLS WAVE Program, Cold Spring Harbor Partners for the Future Program, and Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation, serving as a Channel Kindness Reporter.


Currently, she is planning an emotional intelligence conference across college campuses. Her goal is to actively bring greater awareness about emotional intelligence, grit, and empathy within businesses and universities.


Shaina is a first-generation, low-income, FGLI, college student. She's a Muslim, American-Pakistani, interested in politics and STEM. Minorities are not minor, they're marginalized communities. Through her experiences, she has insights about opportunity advantages, youth advocacy, political adversity, and entrepreneurship.

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Shaina is a QuestBridge Mentor, and has helped FGLI students be admitted to top-tier universities. She then organized the first bone marrow registration sponsored by the NYS 22nd Assembly District. She helps not only individuals but communities and companies understand young people and how to appeal to a diverse demographic with inclusion, kindness, and empathy. 

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Shaina has written poetry since she was 6 years old and uses the art form as an expression of free thought and activism. She is currently starting her own blog on Medium. In the past, she has written for Channel Kindness publishing stories about non-profits and community leaders.

She can write analytical, opinion, and research pieces for publications and companies.